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Tahura Lali | Iran


My attendence at women ninja players training sessions made me more passionate for photographing these women and also led me to stay with them for a long time.

What encouraged me to collect information about these women was the presence of them in plains, mountains and environments that I had never imagined.

In marital arts especially ninja, the players who hold the rank of fifth dan and are above the age of 35 years old called Shihan. They have to spend 16 years of hard working and practicing to achieve thier degree. Tina Rowshan nia is the only Iranian ninja ranger who has reached Shihan degree.

In a society that women often treated as inferior members, these women are struggling to express thier existence. What makes these women more confident, motivated and determined with fighting spirit is not only hard physical exercises but also psychological effects that this marital art has on their spirits and personalities. And to be a ninja player is a way to achieve this goal.

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