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A Displaced Hope

Taha Ahmad | India

An Indian Muslim women screaming in pain during the dispossession of the Djinn/Genie, New Delhi, India. Date-26/11/2017; Copyright- Taha Ahmad.

Genies are supernatural creatures created out of fire, according to the Islamic texts. I was born in Indian city of Lucknow, where the existence of genies is a common belief.

The Ferozshah fortress built in the Indian capital Delhi, in the 18th century, remains a ruin nestling between a cricket stadium and the city’s ring road. It is within these ruins that we find the genie worship.

Thousands of people gather here every Thursday; praying, writing letters, giving money and lighting lamps to impress the genies for a better life. A society which is completely ostracised due to political negligence, unawareness and lack of justice has become a money-making mechanism for the self-proclaimed Godmen in the fort to exploit the misfortunes of the people. People visiting these places do not have the tools of education to question these practices and political agendas.

Through this project, I aim to explore what I was taught while growing up and how it contradicts what is being practiced at Kotla, shedding light on the injustice done to the society.

The project has been the recipient of The Documentary Project Fund (Emerging Vision) Award 2018.

I am grateful to everyone who have made this project possible:

  • Ziyah Gafic- Photographer VII Photo Agency
  • Showkat Nanda- Photographer/Freelancer New York Times and Washington Post
  • Sandeep Biswas- Artist
  • Ryan Lobo- Photographer
  • Danielle Villasana- Photographer
  • Asad Rehman- Writer
  • Taha Ahmad

    Mobile Number- +91-9821470869, +91-9918835888

    Country- India

    Email- taha.ofmart@gmail.com

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