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Our Streets

TARA Pixley | California, United States

Organization: Authority Collective

The streets of Hollywood yet again filled with thousands marching, clamoring, laughing, crying, screaming, chanting for racial justice and freedom from police brutality in America. In its uniquely Los Angeles way, people danced on top of yellow Hummers, expressed anti-racism via their tiny pink-painted dogs, and found myriad ways to colorfully espouse their support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Millions took to the streets of America in the summer of 2020, protesting centuries of racial injustice and police brutality as they proclaimed that Black Lives Matter. In Los Angeles, where wide-reaching poverty and police violence flourish in the shadows of Beverly Hills excess and Hollywood artifice, protests were marked by bright colors, graphic displays, and an abiding sense of collective power. These photos taken across multiple 2020 protests in the city of LA speak to the true spirit of the Black Lives Matter movement: peaceful showings of solidarity, community action, and expressions of democratic public assembly in the face of COVID-19 and racism’s twin pandemics.

I am a visual journalist, strategic storytelling consultant, and professor based in Los Angeles, with an MFA in Photography, a Ph.D. in Communication, and two decades of experience as a media producer and editor for editorial, nonprofit and commercial organizations.  As a first-generation American born in Miami (b. 1983) and raised in Atlanta by my Jamaican mother, I care deeply about the visual rhetorics of immigration, Blackness, African diaspora, and the Global South. <>

Though I photograph a multitude of subjects for my clients and commissions, my personal photographic and scholarly work rethinks visual representations of gender, race, class, and sexuality in image-making. <>

My documentary film work has screened internationally and my award-winning writing on media has been published widely in magazines, academic journals, and news media trade journals. I was a 2016 Visiting Fellow at the Nieman Foundation for Journalism of Harvard University, researching inequities in the photojournalism industry. <>

I'm on the National Press Photographers Foundation Board and am a co-Founder and Board Member of Authority Collective, an organization dedicated to building community and opportunity for women/nonbinary photographers of color. <>



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