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Syed Mahamudur Rahman | Bangladesh

Villagers gather at a market before flood at Manikganj near Dhaka.

Bangladesh is a small and low laying country, it is crisscrossed by 230 rivers. The country owing to its position on the global map in the South Asian region and it is one of the most vulnerable countries susceptible to climate change scenarios, Especially flood. Due to being part of such basin, Bangladesh faces the devastating effects of floods for the water flashing from nearby hills and heavy rainfall every year.
Each year in Bangladesh, about 26000 square kilometres ( around 18% of the country) is flooded, killing over 5000 people and destroying more than seven million homes. The high levels of flooding have been found to be retardant on agriculture growth. On average, 16 % of household income per year is lost due to flooding, with 89% of the loss in the property and assets. [ source: Wikipedia]
The above situation is problematic for the poor as they may not able to afford safer housing. They live near the river with the risk of flooding. Which driving the poor into selling assets and pushing them further into poverty. Most of the homeless people move to the cities to do work as labour.

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