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Don't Stand Still: the Wampanoags

Susan Moffat | MA, United States

Deer hunting helps feed the Wampanoag Tribe, Mashpee, MA

In this ongoing project, Don't Stand Still tells the story of the profound culture and history of the Wampanoag Tribe in southeastern Massachusetts. As they desperately try to hold onto their deeply rooted culture, fight for land, and maintain sustainability, I connect and begin to reveal the strength and struggles of their present-day lives.

Susan Moffat is an American fine art documentary photographer, curator, and educator based in Falmouth, MA. She's drawn to humanity and the social struggles therein and searches to capture those moments in a striking light. Working for 30 years as a photographer and teacher, her images mostly focus on marginalized communities and her strength is in her ability to personally connect with people to learn their stories and what's driving their communities.

Working in both analog and digital photography, she has an extensive background in teaching photography and photographic history in schools in the USA and overseas. Throughout her photographic career, her stories have covered culture worldwide. Currently, she is co-leader of a Students for Social Justice group.

Susan Moffat has studied under Maggie Steber, Amber Bracken, Danny Wilcox Frazer, Emmet Gowin, Olivia Parker, and many others. She has exhibited in galleries in the USA; Quebec, Canada; Lisbon, Portugal; and the Canary Islands, Spain.

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