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Dockyards- An urbanized graveyard in the making

Sumsun Naher | Bangladesh

The splattering

All over the world, ship breaking yards still exist in ways more dangerous than they should. In Bangladesh, the employees are largely ignorant about their minimum health and safety rights, along with the issue of minimum wages.

Dhaka ship breaking yard is located near the bank of Buriganga river. Around fifteen thousand people are working in this crude yards continuously being exposed to long term health hazards which is frighteningly dangerous, and yet fascinating hives of industrial activity.

All the  and risky work gets done through manual labor. At most, they use a helmet or a rudimentary shield while working. Both activities of breaking massive ships and building new ones from scrap parts retrieved from broken ships occur simultaneously in this shipyard.

Moreover, the health condition of the workers is in constant danger. After a few years of working, workers face different kinds of skin and breathing problems and what not. 

Though many accidents and injuries have been occurring in the past years, yet no improvement has been seen in this regard. 

The level of pollution also is increasing in this area due to the industrial waste.


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