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Just a sincere welcome

Stephanie Colvey | Canada

Government sponsored refugees arriving in Montreal are housed for a few days in the YMCA residence. Sinisa is helping M. Harouk in his move from the YMCA residence to his new apartment. Sinisa himself was a refugee from Bosnia and now works for the Centre Social d'Aide aux Immigrants (CSAI), helping in the resettlement of new refugees.
(Montreal, QC)

When I first met Lama, a Syrian refugee with a very sick child, she said to me: “All I want is a sincere welcome”.

In December 2015, the Canadian government announced its policy to intensify the welcoming of Syrian refugees. This was met with enthusiasm and pride by some Canadians; with fear, misgivings and expressed prejudices, by others.

Over the past two years, I have developed meaningful relationships with a number of Syrian refugee families as they are starting their new lives in Canada. I’ve also witnessed tremendous generosity of fellow Canadians who are supporting them on their way to inclusion in our country and society.

Through my photography I wish to allow others a glimpse into the realities of these refugees who, having lost all in their home-country, are now faced with making new lives for themselves and their families - their humanity, their sadness, their hopes and their resilience.

Photography is for me a window onto the world.

Stephanie Colvey




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