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Freedom of Love

Sourojeet Paul | Kolkata,India, India


"It is my body and my wish... be gone demons."

The individuals of the LGBTQ community in India have been relentlessly persecuted by society for their sexual orientations and method of pleasures.They've always been prey of the tyrannical gaze of the society and even in the 21st century they face social taboos and judgemental behaviour.

The work looks closely at the LGBT community in eastern India,often projecting a world devoid of restrictive laws and social taboos that the community regularly comes up against.For a community whose voice is often marginalised.

Pride Parade celebrate their desires and aspirations which are free to be explored and expressed. And an attempt to understand their psyches and visualise their vulnerabilities by creating a spacewhere people can express their personal experiences and feelings,outside of their lived reality. Because we live in a society thatprevents us from living a ‘normal’ life,and moreover  nobody is happy to be in their normal being and my work imagines aworld in which there is freedom to live according to one’s own desires.

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