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Passing By Union

Sohrab Kalra | Canada


We spend a lifetime finding our identity within the crowd - chasing our union with ourselves. Seeking our role, our purpose, our destination. Burying our heart, our faith, our trust. Learning, reflecting, waiting.. for our time! But on this journey, someone follows us.. like a shadow. Slipping away just as we feel we caught it. Could it be one of these characters, ...or one of those? Turns out life tricks us. It garbs what we seek. We pass by 'Union' while its besides us! For what we seek is inside us while we scour for it outside.

Passing by Union is an attempt at conveying the human pursuit of his/her own identity and the attempt to find it in various faces, scenes, and situations of life while still carrying the unresolved mystery with ourselves. The series tries to express this pursuit in the passage of life by capturing the analogous passingof a passanger through 'UnionStation' where many faces, scenes, situationsinteract and unfold and present themselves as an option. The mystery of what defines themis what unfolds through the series culminating in a realization that unoblivious theyjust passed by Union - 'with themselves' as it was all the time beside them while they looked for it outside.

Email: sohrab.kalra@gmail.com

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