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Mask - A Cure & An Evil

Showrav Chowdhury | Bangladesh

Mask is thrown on the road (1)

At the end of the lockdown, people start going out again wearing mask. After removing the mask from their face, they throw it here and there in the street. Most of the masks are manufactured from long-lasting plastic materials. These discarded masks may risk spreading CORONAVIRUS to waste collectors or other people. Animals and plants can also be affected. Moreover when it rains, these items are taken away to gutters, then to rivers and then to the sea. Thus they are also destroying the biodiversity of the sea. According to the UN Conference on Environment and Development, about 5.2 million people die every year due to medical waste related diseases.

At present in the market extremely bad quality masks are available. These masks are sold as surgical mask, but its quality might be worse than dust mask.

To reduce the effect, we can use reusable mask. In case of surgical mask, we can use public bin. In cases other medical wastes, we should work together to raise awareness about proper medical wastes disposal techniques and the dangers of incorrect disposal.

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