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Pandemic in Focus

Tokyo corona diary

Shin YAHIRO | Tokyo, Japan

April 5 Two men were wearing protective suit at Ueno Park. 141 infections were confirmed in Tokyo today.

This is my photo diary. The state of emergency was declared in Japan on April 7. The Japanese government has called on the people to go "self-restraint", but compensation for it has not yet been decided. People have diminished from the city and ambulance sirens can be heard more often. I myself had no income at all and could not see the future at all, but I tried to keep normal by carrying around with a camera. Infectious diseases will spread again after subdued unless a vaccine is available. We are sure to come when I look back on what happened in this event.
And, as I expected, the government of my country, which does not look back on the past, announced that it will not keep a record of this infection control discussion.


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