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The road to Makandring

Sergio Pontillas | Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines

Disembarking from our hired habal-habal (motorcycle with driver for hire), we chanced upon a group of uplanders taking a rest break on a shady part of the mountain road.

While national and international media coverage of the devastation of tropical cyclone Rai that hit the Philippines from December 16 to 17 focused on coastal communities and dense population areas in the country, I sailed with two mountaineers who are also biodiversity conservation workers from the NGO sector from the port of Puerto Princesa on December 21 to the community of Langogan some 50 kilometers (31 miles) north of downtown Puerto Princesa, Palawan. We arrived in the evening of the same day and embarked on a rapid assessment mission to the upland areas of Langogan. I was able to go as far as the enclave of Makandring, some 9 kilometers upland from the main national highway, while my two companions went on to another village of Manggapin to check on the Tagbanua and Batak residents of the mountain village. This exhibit presents what I saw on the mountain road to Makandring and Makandring itself - after the onslaught of typhoon Rai (local name Odette).

All photos were taken with an iPhone 5s. My Nikon D3300 workhorse conked out due to a dead battery upon our arrival in Langogan in the evening of December 21.

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