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Sasha Ivanov | Russian Federation

Nikolay is 87 years old. His wife passed away two years ago. They had spent 62 years together. Now, he is leaning to live on his own. He maintains an active social and cultural life, visits concerts, museums, and exhibitions. The art helps him to get distracted from his loneliness. The scenery brings him back to his childhood days that he had spent in a small village in Siberia. The portraits flatter him with a possibility to see a whole other life with the eyes of the ones pictured. The photo was taken in the main hall of the Russian Museum in Saint Petersburg. The last time he had been there was over 20 years ago with his late wife.

Lydia was a teacher and a poet. Nikolai was a former serviceman and publicist. They met at a dance in October 1957. Four months later they were married, nine months later they had a daughter.

They lived a happy life in the Soviet Union and went through all the hardships of "perestroika" together. When they retired, they took up writing.

In 2018, Lidochka, as her husband called her, received a serious knee injury, after which she could no longer walk independently. Nikolai cared for his wife - cooking, bathing, and exercising with her. Two years later she died. They lived together for 62 years.

Now Nikolai is 87 years old. Now he is learning to live independently.

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