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Meeting under a Shade

Santasil Mallik | India

Farmers lighting a hookah before going to sleep.

On 29th November thousands of farmers travelled from all over the country to congregate at Ramlila Maidan, Delhi to demand the proper redressal of agrarian crises from the Central Government. Organised by more than 200 organisations and unions, it became one of the largest gatherings of farmers the capital city has ever seen. Before they set on their March from Ramlila Maidan to the Parliament on 30th November, all the farmers, activists, and supporters of the march stayed at the Maidan premises overnight. Under a massive tent, almost covering the entire Maidan, separate areas were self-allocated by farmers coming from different states and represented by different unions. That space became a pool of vibrant energy and disparate cultures. 

The tent witnessed a medley of narratives traversing across political, social, and personal spheres, and this is what invested it with utmost political potential. Before embarking on the final march from Ramlila Maidan to the Parliament, the gathering of all farmers and activists with similar demands and their overnight stay at the Maidan facilitated a diverse presentation and sharing of stories, cultures and an indomitable spirit.  

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