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No shelter

Samanta Aretino | Lesvos, Greece

Refugee waiting for deportation

This project is the result of my experience as a volunteer in a refugee camp in Lesvos, during 2016. 200 people from countries such as Syria, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan or Iraq were arriving daily. Many others could not complete their path.
They escaped war and hunger at the expense of the mafias despite the fact that the fate that awaited them in Europe was not, much better than what they suffered in their countries. Their journey then continued towards Athens to finish in the border between Greece and Macedonia, where they camped between mud and cold in front of the fence that separated them from their destiny in Europe.
Following the agreement between the European Union and Turkey that entered into force on March 2016 and the closing of borders, thousands of refugees are trapped in militarized camps. The photographs show the reality of a situation that still exists today, showing daily images of life in the camp, the bonds between volunteers and refugees, and the sadness of the farewells at the time of their subsequent deportation to Turkey.

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