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Sally Low | South Africa


ERF81 is an anomaly: an inner-city settlement and farm on an abandoned military base, situated on prime real estate nestled in Cape Town between the tourist icon of Table Mountain and gentrified Signal Hill. In this interstitial space an eccentric family of sorts has put down roots and defends it’s space against gentrification’s advance.

The underlying threat of eviction is always prevalent, sought out by individuals or companies who do not see past a monetary value. If ERF81 is lost we will lose much more than an inner-city settlement with families being removed. The wider community will also lose a valuable space where people from all backgrounds are welcomed, a place where individuals are able to reconnect with nature and to heal themselves, offering both advantaged and disadvantaged the chance to be a part of something unique. The intrinsic value of this parcel of land should not be measured in economic terms which will ultimately only benefit the few, but rather be valued for the distinctive opportunities the space and is residents provide to the greater community and to the city itself.

Many of Sally’s projects engage with communities affected by industry or development. These are often marginalised communities living in “forgotten areas” where high levels of poverty and social issues make them an easy target for exploitation.

In her work, she focuses on individuals and communities sharing their stories of what seems to be an almost insurmountable struggle. Communities confronting big business year in and year out, against all odds, in some cases risking their very freedom.

Sally Low





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