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Along Dews lane

Sally Low | United Kingdom

Ron walks down the lane towards his garage after opening the gate.

The proposed HS2 route, once it has left metropolitan London, will run through the countryside, through nature reserves, farmland, and over people’s houses. Dews Farm is one of these properties.

Every morning for the past 14 years, Ron Ryall has woken up and walked down Dews Lane rain or shine to open the gate. He then walks back to his family-run garage which has been in business since 1969, servicing and repairing the local's cars. It is not just his business on the lane, Ron and his family live down the lane in a Grade 2 Elizabethan farmhouse from 1575. The family spent 10 years renovating this house forgoing holidays and other luxuries. The households 4 generations. Ron, his wife Anne and his 92-year-old mom Ivy. His daughter Crystal and her children split their time between here and a cottage they co-own next to the garage.

Ron's garage was removed from his possession in August 2019 and the family continue to live in limbo as dates continuously change for eviction from their family home.

Many of Sally’s projects deal with communities affected by industry or development. These often marginalised communities, living in “forgotten areas” where high levels of poverty, health and social issues make them an easy target for exploitation, these are the voices that inspire her. Having grown up in the late stages of apartheid South Africa and the transition to democracy exposed Sally to a consciousness of the extreme levels of inequality and injustice in the world and the need to amplify the voices of those that sometimes do not get a platform. In her work, she focuses on individuals and communities telling their stories of what seems to be an almost insurmountable struggle, yet still standing up to these large scale corporations year in and year out, against all odds, and in some cases risking their very freedom.



Sally Low

website: www.sallylow.com

Instagram: @_sally_low_

+44 (0) 7855756936


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