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DACA Dreamers

Rusty Leffel | United States

Our Country Needs Dreamers

Politicans are gridlocked over Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) using it as a tool to fight added issues - path to citizenship, chain migration, the border wall and other issues.  Meanwhile, DACA "DREAMERS" are left with a ticking clock toward March 5, 2018 -  the date the president declared the end of DACA - now temporarily extended by our Courts  

Polls are reported to show the majority of Americans favor extending DACA.  Photographs here are of a rally and signs of support.  

We all know we are a nation of immigrants, but immigration has become a flashpoint politically.  For this exhibit I added my earlier 2010 photograph:  "Liberty Hands / Brooklyn".  This photograph, to me, symbolizes the division in America about DACA and immigration between the upright welcome hand of the Statue of Liberty in contrast with a halt hand of the stoplight. 


My work is Street Photography.  My recent works have included more activist art reflecting the passion and activism of so many more Americans on the streets and in parks and places speaking out in the battle today in America over the values and course for America ahead.

Reference:  The Hill; 1/18/2018:  Poll: Nearly 9 in 10 want DACA receipients to stay in US; by Max Greenwood

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