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21st Century Maasai

Rubén Salgado Escudero | Kenya

The Librarian.

The Maasai is Kenya’s most symbolically important tribe. This semi-nomadic tribe prides itself in its age-old customs and traditional ways. Known as skilled warriors, they were one of the few to stand against slavery do to their bravery. The Maasai's lifestyle centers on their cattle which constitute their primary source of economic means.

Because of change in the habitat due to global warming, and the loss of land due to Safari and Game Park boundaries growing, many Maasai have incorporated in the modern world by adapting to today's technology and changing their lifestyle, while still keeping their traditions. Mobile phones for example are now completely emerged in modern Maasai´s society, due to the advantages it his in everyday life. Many Maasai have taken up new occupations, becoming involved in many modern urban businesses. It is normal today to see Maasai working as waiters, security guards, drivers and even tourist guides throughout Kenya. The Maasai have gone through great lengths to adapt to new ways of modern living while continuing to be one of the most respected peoples in Eastern Africa.

Having grown up in various countries and cultures, I am very passionate about social and cultural affairs. I have a strong interest in giving exposure to, and heightening awareness of places which are generally overlooked by today´s mass media. Photography for me is a way of capturing honest expression, spontaneity, emotion, soul. It is all about that millisecond in which the subject, his/her surroundings, and the lens all come together in a natural, organic unity to tell an unrepeatable story. My goal as a sociological/documentary photographer is to show the more humble parts of the world and not to tell stories of sympathy or pity, but to show the dignity, the warm-heartedness and the vitality of many people around the world in less developed regions.

email: salgado3d@gmail.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ruben-Salgado-Escudero-O-Photography/261473653882579

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