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PERSIAN DIARIES III . I am iron resisting

Rpnunyez . | Iran

[ This pain that you feel is a messenger. Listen to it. ]

I am iron resisting the strongest magnet there is.

It was written in the 13th century by one of the great Sufi poets and mystics of Persian origin, author of the Masnavi-ye Manavi known as the Persian Koran and inspirer of the gyrovagous dervishes, paradoxically banned in Iran today.

The poetry of Yalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī better known as Molana transcends its origins and its time, gives its own voice to those who approach it and alerts all of us to the dangers of complacency because we often judge the other's walls as their prison and our own as our strength

All of them are children of the Iranian Islamic revolution , all of them could have chosen praises to spring, to almond blossoms, or to mystical union with the Supreme Being through music and dance.

But they chose, sometimes bravely, sometimes fearfully, to speak of pain, fear, walls, resistance, freedom and hope.

They all seemed to perfectly embody one of the poet's most enigmatic sentences: they are all iron resisting.



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