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PERSIAN DIARIES II Iranians today. Children of the Revolution.

Rpnunyez . | Iran

[ Kobre at 86 years old . Tehran 2018 ]

I loved photographing this tiny 86 year old woman who could barely stand up and who literally moved on her hands across the carpets of her son's apartment. She had survived the Palevi dynasty and had learned to endure the impositions of the Khomeini regime .Her name means "big". Perhaps Rumi was thinking of women like her when he wrote "I am iron resisting the biggest magnet there is". In her tiny old age, when I met her, she oozed sweetness in her eyes and while the rest of the family chatted animatedly around the TV and some teas, she spent her time watching them silently with delight.

I never knew her name. I met her and her family in the Iwan of the Iman Khomeini Mosque in Isfahan. Between benevolent laughter and disdain, they were building a messy mosaic on the grass with some of the photographs from my first trip to the country. Suddenly he stood up with the photo in his hands while saying "I hate all of them".

The photo was taken in Tehran and showed two tiny women in chadors under two huge portraits of Ruhollah Khomeini and Ali Khamenei.

This would be nothing but anecdote if it were not for it happening over and over again no matter where you are or who you talk to.

Hunger, fear and the desire for freedom envelop Iranians today. But also pessimism because, as they know from their own experience, great changes - such as Khomeini's - only happen when the people are hungry and have lost their fear of the power that subjugates them.

In Iran today, Iranians have something to put in their mouths and they have not lost their fear.



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