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Mask Waste

Roxanne Munson | Panama

An abandoned disposable mask on a sea wall

Since the Covid19 pandemic started in 2020, more and more people around the world have been wearing face masks as a means of protection against the coronavirus. Many opt to wear disposable masks, since they are readily available, safer, and for some more comfortable than cloth masks. Since the pandemic started, have you stopped to wonder how people are disposing of their disposable masks? When you see a mask on the sidewalk, on the grass, on the beach, do you pick it up and dispose of it properly? Mask Waste takes an in-depth look at how these disposable masks are impacting the Panama Bay in Panama City, Panama, and challenges viewers to think about how they are contributing to the pollution problem. The goal is identifying the problem, and finding solutions to help reduce mask waste over a period of time.

Roxanne Munson is an award-winning documentary photographer based in Panama City, Panama. Her work captures the essence of the human spirit and societal issues from an authentic and honest perspective. In 2021, she was named 1 of PHMuseum 10 Black Female Photographers to watch. 

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