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Endure - A Photo Essay of Urban Change in China.

Roman Schatz | China

When the wind of change blows, some build walls, others build windmills.’
The origin of this proverb is China, home to a civilization that has endured change over four millennia. The Chinese people have embraced both means of adaptation to this continuum, building the longest wall and largest wind power capacity in the history of the world. But progress comes at a price; what is old may be revered or replaced, and nature may be preserved or destroyed, for the good of the nation.
An outsider’s understanding of China is limited by their access to and interpretation of Chinese history, culture and politics. These photographs offer glimpses into the lives of ordinary people living in the cities of Shanghai, Suzhou and Fuzhou. They are interspersed with Chinese proverbs as a means of reflecting on the images with a soundtrack based on the Chinese pentatonic scale.  

Concept and original music: Morgan Schatz Blackrose

Sound recording: Shane Schatz

Being a Western photographer in China, automatically relegates me to the position of 'outsider.' This perspective, though limiting my access to more intimate encounters with the social fabric of urban culture in China, still offers me the opportunity to discover the enduring spirit of Chinese society. The accompanying proverbs have assisted my understanding of how the Chinese people cope with change.

Roman W. Schatz

PO Box 60

Port Macquarie

NSW 2444


e: roman@schatzblackrose.com

w: www.schatzblackrose.com

t: +61 413 789 795

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