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Painful Universe of Dalits. The strong life of the “untouchable” in Kolkata

Roberto Nistri | Kolkata, West Bengala, India

Organization: www.robertonistri.com

In Kolkata thousands of people during the night sleep in the streets. The West Bengal Capital is a “refuge city” for many dalit ascaped from another indian states.

The “untouchables”, 180 million people in India alone, of which around 800 thousand in Kolkata, are genetically doomed to a life of suffering and humiliation. They are relegated by their religious status to carry out the jobs that Hindus consider unclean and contaminating. Processing of animal skins, garbage collection, maintenance of sewers, handling dead bodies in the crematories or hospitals, are jobs that in India only ‘Dalits’, - oppressed, as the untouchables call themselves- can do. A condition of painful social subjugation that, over the centuries, has exposed them, and still exposes them to violence and abuse of all kinds, usually without the authorities, except in special cases, giving them any help. Great metropolis, especially Mumbai, New Delhi and Kolkata, represent a “refuge” for the untouchables, somehow protected and camouflaged by the multitudes of people who live there. This is a social anomaly of extraordinary dimensions, that no one in India, including Gandhi, has ever really tried to heal. The Dalits are in fact alone in their struggle for liberation, but by no means did they decide to give up.<>

An International Photography Awards Winner is a Roman graduated in Biological Sciences, who has transformed since more than twenty years his passion for photography into a career. At the beginning as a ”pure and hard ” wildlife photographer. Then, extending his professional prospects to travel and documentary photography. In his many travels he has focused on the documentation of ethnic groups and peoples who are threatened by progress and by particular political and social conditions, in recent years in Ethiopia, Kenya, India, North Ireland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Burkina Faso and Lebanon.<>

An untold history about Ambedkar..The film depicts the social battle against the upper caste hindus by untouchables,headed by Ambedkar, the most famous Dalit political leader.

A Geographical Study on Quality of Life in the Slums of Kolkata Municipal Corporation

www.robertonistri.com; info@robertonistri.com; Cell.+393384670822

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