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Canal Fishery in Kolkata

Ritesh Roy Chowdhury | West Bengal, India

A Misty Morning

West Bengal, a state of India, is well known for agriculture and fishing due to its natural resources. Here,Fish cultivation is done in large scale as compared to other coastal states of India. There are many places in West Bengal, where man made big canals and ponds are constructed and made compatible for fish harvesting. Cost of establishment and maintenance in these areas are high. The locals call these places as "Bherri" or ‘Harvest Ground for Fishes’. There are many obstacles and unprecedented incidents such as storm, water pollution, excessive rainfall, labor and worker management issues and not the least financial problems, the reasons which become responsible for these projects to stop. In such cases loss becomes unavoidable and high. Some have the strength to fight these hindrances and continue for the next season while others pack up and set for other jobs.

I have tried to document a whole winter morning of their activities, when working in dense fog and cold is almost impossible for these people.

I, an amateur Freelance (people and documentary) Photographer from Kolkata, India,have been being under the mentorship of one of the leading photographers of Kolkata and of the world, Mr.Joydeep Mukherjee. I started my photo journey from the year of 2012. By profession I am self-employed.

I think that an expression captured at the right moment makes a perfect frame. The conventional ways should not set boundaries for the expressions of art. A true creation must always hold the real feelings of the creator. My mentor always asks for something different and expressive so that people can see beyond the frames captured and I try my best to follow his teachings and path.

The two most inspiring people behind my photography are my mentor and my wife Arundhati.

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