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Spectral Remains

Phil Crean | Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Tattered and torn plastic netting at a disused plantation on the hillside of Guia de Isora in Tenerife, Canary Islands. Part of a series documenting the remnants of one of many abandoned plantations where the netting and other structural elements are left to rot and pollute.

Guia de Isora along with many of the municipalities in Tenerife depends on agriculture. Banana plantations are strewn across the hillsides from the coast to the median points of the municipality. When they become disused and abondoned the plastic netting and other rubbish is left to rot and pollute the land and eventually the sea. I was drawn to photograph these a year ago and have revisited the sites five times to make photographs, but have driven past them many more times. Shot in RAW format and postprocessed with colour grading to enhance the message. I try to show the horror and the beauty. Soulless phantasm. Left over from a previous time. Abandoned detritus. Rotting in the landscape. Deserted. Tattered and torn. A wasteland, dilapidated. A ruination. Symbol of collapse. Pollution, contaminating. A scourge plagues the land. Destitute ghosts dancing in a once productive place. A hideous beauty. Spectral remains.

Phil Crean, 

00 34 616835793


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