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“Human Wall” - Images that capture the ongoing protests of the military regime in Thailand.

Phanuphan Kitsawaeng | Thailand


Since the Coup in 2014, Thai people have been forced to live under the control of military dictatorship for six years. The Military government has been an uncontested power to silence us. People who have come forward to speak their voice against the Military government have faced the consequences. Some were threatened, some were attacked, and some have disappeared.

However, now it’s time for Thai people to say it out loud, and we won’t wait any longer.Speaking the truth may cost us our lives somehow, so I need your support from the global citizens to spread our voice and let it be heard.

Mark(Phanuphan Kitsawaeng) is a photographer from Thailand, currently living in Los Angeles. He graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Film from RSU (Rangsit University in Thailand).

With a strong background in commercial photography working for Thailand's largest entertainment company, GMM (Grammy), his images are technically skillful and evocative. After honing his craft in the entertainment world, Mark turned the gaze of his camera awards underrepresented communities to bring forth greater good.

“My motivation in photography is to explore the isolated places around Asain (and the world) to use my photographs as a speaker for those people who are voiceless.”

He is presently an MFA student in Photography at The Photo Arts Conservatory of NYFA (The New York Film Academy). He hopes to work with UNESCO, or Unicef after he graduates, and continue to use his camera to bring forth global awareness and change for the better.

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