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Pandemic in Focus

Six Feet Apart

Partha Sengupta | West Bengal, India

Kolkata Police was monitoring unlawful traffic movements during the lockdown period. Only the vehicles which had prior approval to be on the streets were allowed. A two-wheeler rider was detained for verification of the permission of the police. During the lockdown period, many vehicles were on the streets without the permission of the police, many were fined and vehicles were seized. This was done to restrict the traffic movement to check on the spreading of the corona virus.

I'm a freelance photographer based in Kolkata, India. The current pandemic situation globally due to Covid-19 affected my city also. An Indian student returned from abroad was the first infected person with the virus in the city. More people were found later infected with it. On March 24, the government announced the countrywide lockdown. The people were not prepared for a sudden shutdown on their regular activity. A dead silence loomed on the city which I didn't notice earlier in my lifetime. During the period, I started to shoot with my cell phone to document the abrupt change in the daily lives of my family. I travel around three hundred meters in my area centring my house to document the pandemic situation in my area. People are frantic of the virus, but can't ignore their daily needs to sustain. The virus engulfed fear in my family, but to cope with is a new challenge. I started documenting on my family and then moves around my area to document on the others and the place suddenly  looks unnatural to me.<>












































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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