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The Banjara, Blacksmiths and Snake Charmers, nomadic peoples of Rajasthan India, are considered the closest ancestors to the Roma Gypsies of Europe. 2012

Roma are a people whose history is not written within one country’s
borders. They originated from India, traversing Asia as the Ottoman
empire pushed towards Europe's frontiers. For centuries the
scapegoat in Europe. Enslaved by monasteries in Romania for 500
years, many were deported to the Americas. Their story is about
diaspora, migration, persecution and ethnic cleansing. Sedentary or
nomadic, they have a strong identity, with a rich and vibrant culture
and they can be extravagant and ostentatious, though some in too
many places, they live without opportunity in the face of racism,
marginalisation and can be found living in abject poverty.

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