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Nick Gervin | ME, United States

Homeless man placed into paddy wagon for loitering. July 30, 2015

Beginning in 2013 and continuing to present day, I have been focusing my camera on my hometown of Portland, Maine, a small city of roughly 68,000 people in northern New England, often touted in articles as one of the "best places" to live, work, or dine out.  However, Portland still suffers from the same systemic issues as the rest of America, if you choose to just look beneath its polished surface. Racism, income inequality, substance abuse, violence, and a lack of sufficient mental and physical healthcare still exist within its rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods now dripping in excess and their own self-importance. Times are difficult and it is often the difficulties that we choose to face and overcome that we grow the most from. No community is left untouched by America's social issues and the sooner we realize the unspoken truths about our communities, the sooner we can work towards a more just future for all. 


Nicholas Gervin (born 1981) is a documentary and fine art photographer from Portland, Maine. He has had two traumatic brain injuries in his lifetime and now suffers from Post-Concussion Syndrome on a daily basis. Being a disabled artist hasn't slowed Nick down. In fact, all of his work is a direct result from his injuries.

Nick has had his work published in many local and international magazines, as well as several photo books and he is currently working with Martin Amis and Tom Booth Woodger of Photo Editions on his forthcoming monograph, entitled Portlanders, set for publication the fall of 2022.

As of March 21, 2022, Nick has been elected as the Executive Director at the Bakery Photographic Collective, a non-profit photo education and finishing center located in Portland, Maine.

Nick Gervin




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