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Changing Children's Lives in Mbale, Uganda

Nancy A. Scherl | Uganda

Parents of young babies, children and even adults are overjoyed to see their children after their successful cleft lip and palate surgeries.

  "Changing Children's Lives' in Mbale, Uganda in May 2014, served a duel purpose – Cleft lip and palate surgeries were performed on young babies, children and several adults and an information exchange amongst healthcare professionals, students and patients occurred. Dr. Mark Weinstien, a plastic surgeon, and CEO and Founder of the 'CCL' foundation, led the American based mission in Mbale. Mothers of young babies, are emotional and grateful to reconnect with their children after they've completed their surgeries. Children and adults with cleft lips are usually shunned in their villages. Cleft palates, though not visible to others, hinder one's speech, and make it difficult to eat and swallow properly. Often young children ridiculed because of their appearance as well as how they talk.

After the surgeries, Dr Weinstein taught young students at the hospital's clinic, while Dr. Filbert, Head Surgeon at the Mbale Regional Hospital, taught visiting medical students from Kigali, both drawing on the medical mission’s cleft surgeries. At the Nutrition Ward, the Head Nutrition nurse, demonstrated to patients how best utilize their own land to grow proper foods.


 'Wake Up Ministries' in Mbale, Uganda was instrumental in supporting the American medical mission and foundation, 'Changing Children's Lives'. 

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