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"Floating Cat Ba"

Monia Lippi | Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam

These 30 images are part of “Floating Cat Ba” project about a Floating Houses Community between the green limestones karsts of the Cat Ba Island, part of Cat Ba Archipelago of The World Heritage Site of Ha Long Bay, in the Northern Vietnam.

I was drawn in by the landscape, the floating houses and the daily life-style of the inhabitants. 

For centuries, people grow up in this stunning landscape full of vivid colors where all is reflected onto a clean green surreal water, surrounded by tall limestone islands, covered by green tropical trees, mangrove and rainforest.

Most of the inhabitants don’t leave this floating village, some have never even walked to the town on the island few miles away. They just stay in their village, always floating.

Cat Ba Archipelago features thousands of limestone mountains and isles in various sizes and shapes. In 2004, it was declared a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.

Cat Ba Island is the biggest island in the Southwest of The World Heritage Site of Ha Long Bay.


Personal project.

“Floating Cat Ba” project is about a large and old rare Floating Houses Community surranded by a stunning landscape of limestone mountains and isles of various heights and shapes where the inhabitants live floating in their simple houses on the transparent green sea water.

They mostly fish and also raise different kind of fishes in wooden square structures, with nets underneath, held afloat by barrels. This system make it possible to walk around the edges of each wooden structure to feed the fish. They have also different kind of boats and any floating house has often more then one dog, running around and barking to anyone who is passing by and they have also chickens. The kids are often hanging out playing or helping the parents.

Most of the inhabitants never leave this village or even walk to in the closest mainland town. They remain, floating, surrounded by a suggestive green nature. Their lives are very similar to the traditional life-style from a long time ago. Unfortunately, there are only a few floating villages in all Ha Long Bay.

Cat Ba Archipelago features thousands of different impressive limestone mountains and isles with also lakes inside, surrounded by a sea with a rare light green color.

The site has drawn international interest and assistance for wildlife conservation and it has become truly a valuable genetic reservation for a variety of wildlife and plants, including the rare and endangered species.

I developed this project in different sections, uniting similar moments and these images are part of the - People Houses - section.

In the whole project there is also the - Dogs, Houses, Boats - section.

To see the "Floating Cat Ba" projec: twww.monialippi.blogspot.com


E-mail: monialippi@gmail.com

Cell: 1.917.250.4970


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