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The Hungry Rivers

Mohammad Nazmul Hassan Bhuiyan | Bangladesh

A roadside house near Gaibandha Sadar is inundated due to over flown of water from Ghagor River.

Floods are one of the recurring climatic phenomenon in Bangladesh and often have been within bearable limits. However, infrequently they become devastating. Each year in Bangladesh about 26,000 sq km which is 18% of the country is flooded. During astringent floods, the affected area may exceed 55% of the total area of the country. In an average year, 844,000 million cubic meters of water flows into the country during the sultry period (May to October) through the three main rivers the Ganges, the Brahmaputra-Jamuna and the Meghna. This volume is 95% of the total annual inflow of upstream water. By comparison, only about 187,000 million cubic meters of streamflow are engendered by rainfall in the country during the same period. In Bangladesh, the definition of flood appears differently. During the pluvial season when the water flow exceeds the holding capacity of rivers, canals, beels, hoars, low-lying areas and banks are overstepped, water spreads over the floodplain and it inundates the area causing damage to crops, vegetation, homesteads, roads and other properties.

Mohammad Nazmul Hassan Shanji

Mobile: +8801717502346

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