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Souq Al-Gomaa (Friday Market)

Moataz Mohamed El-Zeidy | Egypt

Market Life
Market preparations start on Friday morning. Both professional and amateur sellers move their birds and animals to their selling booths, the market gets crowded, people make deals others serve food and beverage, everything is dynamic and fast.

Since 1890, and until the present time, Souq El-Goma'a in Cairo, Egypt, has taken place every Friday for the legal and the illegal trading of animals and birds. This place was originally for trading different breeds of pigeons. By the time, this local market has started to attract animals dealers who catch illegal animals and birds, like snakes, small crocodiles, foxes, and eagles. These photos were taken in late 2017. One wanted to capture photos of this market in many different ways. Unlike journalism or documentary photography, one intended to figure out the sentimental side of birds, especially pigeons trade which has been the original trade in this market. Focusing on their eyes, movements, signs of fear and the way of behaving towards human, all of these are the core of this series of photos in order to give a new vision of photographing the trade of animals.

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