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Iron Days

Mirko Prosseda | Italy


In these days when the coronavirus pandemic seems to be the only topic of interest, it seems that social distancing is a positive thing, as a desirable condition.

What we have forgotten is that social distancing is a situation that some people have been forced to for a long time now, long before the pandemic.

It is a condition of marginalization and indifference, which takes away
human dignity and precludes them from the most basic of human rights.

But prolonged social isolation, as claimed by many researchers, can
increase the risk of a range of health problems, from heart disease to depression, even to death in extreme cases.

Mario is one of them, he is a homeless man who lives inside an abandoned ecological island, where people continue to throw waste illegally. He lives there, only with his ape, and with determination he continues to survive by reselling the metals collected right in that waste.

His ape is his salvation, it represents for him at the same time a home and sustenance, without it, in fact, he could not transport and sell metal waste.

He was born in Latina in 1976 and from an early age he showed a strong curiosity for things and the way they work. This leads him to do engineering studies but his curiosity went beyond the mechanics of things, embracing also and above all the psychological and social sphere of man.

The next step was to understand that photography is the most effective way to transfer his perception of the world to others.

He began shooting self-taught and then felt the need for professional training that led him to attend training courses in the Latina area, and subsequently to deepen the reportage technique at the Officine Fotografiche school in Rome.

Since then he has continued to update himself, coming into contact with the facts and people who in one way or another have influenced him in the way of observing and photographing.

website: http://www.mirkoprosseda.com

email: mirko.prosseda@gmail.com


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