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Witness to the Resistance: The Women's March on Washington, 1/21/2017

Mirana Comstock | United States

In solidarity, women head from the Capitol down Pennsylvania Avenue, joining the huge crowd at the Women’s March on Washington, 1/21/2017.

I come from a creative, politically active family and have discussed, debated, demonstrated since I was a child. As an adult, I have also been drawn to photographing everything from campaigns and conventions to political protests. The Women’s March on Washington on January 21, 2017, was a unique watershed moment, not just for women, but for everyone, bringing millions of people together in protest and solidarity…every race, region, religion, orientation and age was represented. I divested myself of any buttons, banners or slogan tees that might cause marchers to interact with me, changing their experience and altering the veracity of my image. Standing in the middle of the crowd on Pennsylvania Avenue, I let this river of humanity flow around me, looking beyond people with clever signs to finding and capturing portraits of protesters…becoming a witness to the awakening of a resistance movement’s first realization of its potential power.

I am a multi-field creative from a family of noted storytellers. I tell mine as a photographer, a singer/songwriter with alternate rock duo Theory of Tides, as well as in screenplays and poetry. So much of writing is editing, I try to keep photography spontaneous, capturing the moment and doing very few alterations to the images afterwards. I always have a small, unobtrusive camera with me and love the challenge of grabbing shots on the go, wherever I am, from street photography to landscapes. 



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