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A Day They Lived Indeed

Md Manirul Islam | Bangladesh

Boys are plucking water lilies from submerged land. They started in the morning and continued for around three hours.

Raju, Saju and Monju (pseudo name) are friends in their teen live in a village of Bangladesh. School is closed and they have ample time. Three friends are keen to help their families. Water lilies grows around and can be a source of their income. They start collecting lilies in the morning. The process is simple, hold the flower gently and pull it to uproot. The work is not perilous; they walked few kilometres in last three hours in muddy waist deep water. The boys now need to stop plucking. In the afternoon, buyers will come. Lily stems to be tied up in small bundles; sixty stems will make one bundle and may fetch quarter of a greenback. They carry heaps of water lilies to nearby canal to float today’s inventory downstream. It is not far and they enjoy their swim in clean, deep water. They are now waiting for customers and playing with bunch of lilies for fun. They made their day happy. They will return to home with some money in pockets and broad smiles on their face! A day they lived indeed!<>

Md Manirul Islam


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