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Mary Farmilant | East Sussex, United Kingdom

Princess Alice Ward, All Saints

Dis-solution is a project documenting two abandoned hospitals in the East Sussex region of England. Both sat on prime land slated for luxury living spaces. 

As a former a nurse—I studied in England and received my psychiatric training at Hellingly Hospital. I was compelled to photograph the place I had known as a vital institution, a center for treatment, care, and healing that had become a site of deterioration, decay, and vandalism. Later, I learned about All Saints, a nearby hospital recently closed by the National Health Service. Struck by the different handling of the closure of these two hospitals, I photographed All Saints Hospital, too.

Hellingly had been left to deteriorate. All Saints was protected from the moment it closed its doors with fencing, guard dogs, and electronic surveillance. I photographed the interiors of both hospitals recording layers of history and time preserved within the walls of two institutions that had served the needs of countless patients, their families, and their communities.

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