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En Foco Photographer

35mm Diary

Martha Naranjo Sandoval | Mexico

Organization: En Foco

Martha, Brooklyn, October 2019.
Roll 132 | Frame 21

35 mm Diary is a collection of quotidian pictures captured in film.

I started taking these pictures in 2014. As of 2020, the collection contains 231 film rolls. They are archived in chronological order and organized with contact sheets.

I take these pictures for the same reason parents take pictures of their children, to remember and reminisce. When I moved to the United States I started taking pictures of what it felt to move. I mostly took pictures of the garbage in my neighborhood and the people I was hooking up with. As time passed the debris on the street felt more quotidian and it stopped being interesting. I now mostly take pictures of my husband, his body, his face, the way we move together in our space. I do not question too much why I’m taking pictures; I just lean into what my eyes want to capture.

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