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Under the Same Sun

Marinka Masséus | Tanzania, United Republic of

This photo series was created to raise awareness about the circumstances of people with albinism (PWA) in Tanzania

This photo series was created in collaboration with the Josephat Torner Foundation to raise awareness about the circumstances of people with albinism lin Tanzania.

In Tanzania, when you have albinism, you are thought to be evil. There even is a price on the head of children with albinism since killing a person with albinism is considered to bring good luck. The fears and superstitions surrounding albinism run very deep in Tanzanian society. So deep that many women who give birth to a child with albinism are told to kill the baby at birth. If she refuses, she and the baby will become outcasts. 

Many children with albinism are denied the most fundamental human rights. They are despised and taught that they are evil, that their existence is a curse. They live in constant fear of brutal attacks.

Because of killings like this, many children with albinism now live in camps. Rejected by and cut-off from their families, they live separate from society in order to keep them safe. They are secluded, kept apart, hidden, often mistreated and shamed.

After finishing University, Marinka's additonal studies in Buddhist Psychology guided her philosophical journey and the Photo Academy in Amsterdam stimulated her to channel her concepts and feelings into images.

Marinka's photography revolves around people and is a constant reflection of her passion and fascination for human nature and the way we live our lives. Especially topics concerning injustice and inequality are a driving force behind her work.

Marinka’s acclaim includes: Kuala Lumpur Portrait Awards 2017 - Gold MIFA Moscow Foto Awards 2017 – LensCulture Portrait Awards 2017 - Lucie Award - IPA Photographer of the Year 2016 - Silver TIFA Tokyo Awards 2016 -2x Silver Px3 2016 - 1st place IPA 2016 -2nd place MIFA 2015 - 2nd place IPA 2015 - Gold winner at Px3 2015 - 1st place Color Awards 2015 - GUP New Dutch Talent 2014 - Shortlist Alfred Fried Award - Shortlist Felix Schoeller Award.

Her work is published internationally and exhibited around the world.

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