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Crossing Borders

Maria Ellen Huebner | United States and Canada

Organization: Maria Ellen Huebner Photography

In Nibley, Utah, Fabian Vargas boots lay in the kitchen of his youngest daughter Nancy Vargas mountain side home.

Although Liz, Adriana, Rita, Fabian and Luz Estella do not know each other they all have something more than just a shared language as their common connection. They all have crossed over the same invisible territory border, to find work, to make a better life for themselves and their families. These actions forever changed the path of their futures which included much struggle, grace, and assimilation.

These stories are a many, and all are very important to document so they are not forgotten.

These images share common themes, symbols that help form a narrative in these individual accounts, exposing the pride they all have as Americans and stories of success and sadness in their daily lives.

In this new Trump administration the Immigration topic is in the forefront and many have different opinions on the topic and of the idea of deportation. These images share something different, a chance to see a glimpse of success, and a bright light in the Legalization process and becoming a citzen of the United States of America.


Maria Ellen Huebner

483 Boulevard 

Logan, Utah 84321

Mobile: 414 254 7918


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