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Not What You Think

Malgorzata Wakuluk | mazowieckie, Poland

Not What You Think #01

I believe it’s worthwhile to share about places we’ve been to, people we were fortunate to meet, and the emotions they evoked in us. This time, however, I decided to use pictures to tell stories about someone I’ve gotten to know the most. Me. About my place in this world, my desires, my freedom, and perhaps my fear. About relationships, similarities and dissimilarities. It’s a deeply personal story that I decided to tell.


This intimate account is a voice which hopes to touch the values that are close and important to other women as well. And it’s a voice which resonates at the key moment for me, as I’m trying to find the courage within me and stop identifying myself with the physicality of my body, but rather focus on the penetrating consciousness of my mind. It is also an attempt to discover my own myth, and my life’s individual meaning.

I am the author of all photographs and
I have all and unlimited copyrights to them.


mail: malgorzata@antrakt.eu

phone: +48 509718015

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