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For The promise of Future

Madhu Gopal Rao Rama | India

"Varam" a woman seeking blessings to have a child, most of the childless woman takes 'varam" which is to pray to the goddess in a state of trans... and speak to the godesses, they will be in the same state until they hear from the goddess, it is believed that the godess speak to them

Telangana is a newly formed state of India, after 60 years of suppression and several years of agitations and around 2000 students suicides, Telangana was eventually declared as a 29th State of India in 2014.  

Telangana, the state where i was born, has been suppressed with no oppurtunities for the local people, unequal development,  illiteracy and poverty, unemployment and exploition in equal share of water and natural resources has lead to decades of struggle and agitations for a seperate state. 

Despite all this suppression over the years, the only way the people of Telangana celeberates with great enthusiam and an expression of their inner grief of all their agony, anger, pain, happiness and sorrows is during the Jatharas.

For The promise of the future... is about the aspirations and dreams of Telangana People.

It is an ongoing project.

R. Madhu Gopal Rao




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