HUTSUL VILLAGES. In the small Hutsul villages, located near the border with Romania, men have left their families at home to fight in the war.

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The price of patriotism

Małgorzata Smieszek | Ukraine

Anna lives high in the mountains. Her sons and relatives went to the front. After completing his mandatory military service, 21-year-old Ivan decided to stay in the army. He guards the Ukrainian border. 25-year-old Jurij returned home after 15 months of fighting in Bakhmut. He did not expect that it would be so hard on the front, that being extremely exhausted for months, he would repel enemy attacks and experience betrayal from residents of the eastern part of Ukraine, while risking his own life. 47-year-old Volodymyr has been fighting in Donbas since the beginning of the war. His wife and daughter are deeply affected by his involvement in the war. The daily life of stress and uncertainty has caused serious health problems for the women. 38-year-old Mykola died in Bachmut. He left behind two daughters who are convinced that they lost their father because they did not manage to give him a hand-made cross in time.

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