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Dalit- The unseen heroes

MD SAIFUL AMIN | Bangladesh


Dalit- The Unseen Heroes  

In the 16th century, after the genocide of Magh pirates the first generation of sweepers were established to clear the dead bodies. After the partition of Bengal in the year 1905, the importance of sweepers was highly noted. During that time, cheap cleaners were brought from Madras, Kanpur and Nagpur.  After the war in 1940’s and the great famine in 1974, many Bengali people started to work and get involved in this profession on a daily basis. Now a days, they earn about 400-700 taka which is like 5-10 dollars. Few years ago, they were seen working without any sort of proper tools and were simply wearing clothes which were only able to hide their dignity. Now such a scenery is not so much visible since the government provided them with advanced diving suit (only the head gear) for working purposes. Due to news reporting thier basic wage increased from 200-300 taka to 400-700 taka  Those who work in the sewage drains among them 100 or more people dies due to sickness from contagious diseases at an early age.




I am Saiful Amin Kazal, a dhaka based street &

documentary photographer, my profession is private service in a constructiom company. I started photography journey from my childhood ,when I was in class 10 , in mid 80’s to 90’s , I used so many film & digital cameras which I got from my brothers who lived in Japan & usa. But later in late 2000’s , I lost all my old photo’s ,also all negatives.

during the "pilkhana tragedy"2009,  25 february, i was taking pictures of them who were firing to peoples, suddenly a bullet of a chinese riffle shot me down,, my sciatic nurve was injured very seriously & my leg was broken into so many pcs...

Total 7 major operation has been done during 2009 to 2011,

I was at bed rest for 4 & 1/2  long yrs (untill 2014),  now i can walk but with an elbow cratch & brase always in leg,  i became so much frastrated that time....when i got a dslr camera for the 1st time in my life in 2015,  i started my photography journey once again,  with heavy pain of leg i never stopped,  i never left home without my camera for a single day. 

Photography is my only hobby, my passion, my love 

I never run for any award or fame or any certificate,  i do photography as i love to do it 


Achievement – I have done over 50 national group photo exhibition & 3 abroad including several salon prizes. My photos has been published in Wisden yearly book 2019 , also in some national & foreign magazine & photography website. I,v done ‘judgement” in some national photography contest also.




EMAIL : kazal1968dhaka@gmail.com 

Contact : 880-1817031337


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