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The Men in Castro's Cuba

Lisa DuBois | Cuba, Cuba

Organization: En foco

Two young peace officers working for the government in Havana Cuba

Prior to the revolution led by Fidel Castro, Cubans worked, but the poverty rate was high.The Cuban economy was poisoned by out-of-control prostitution and gambling controlled by the American mafia  linked to the corrupt government.

When Castro took over, he made education a priority, and the literacy rate rose to over 99 percent, but economics did not fare as well.

The revolution was intended to bring about major economic changes, but Castro was unprepared for the challenges . His revolutionary mindset led him to appoint his most loyal communist leaders as Cuba's economists.

<>Today, Cubans are employed by the state, earning roughly $20 per month. However, a waiter in a reputable hotel can earn that much in a day or two. Following Castro's death, his brother Raul designed economic reform, allowing many qualified Cubans to become business owners but subjecting them to high government taxes. Numerous elderly Cubans recall the Batista period and are content with limits imposed on them since they understand the significance of Castro's communist Cuba. This exhibit is devoted to Cuban working and retired men.

Lisa DuBois 



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