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Working children in India

Lisa DuBois | Africa & India

Organization: Enfoco

A young boy working with camel traders .
Rajasthan India

The Other Working Class <>

Children in India have a working class of their own which includes begging and working in low level jobs. Many tourists feel culture shock when they arrive in India because the poverty is so overwhelming. <>

Up to 40,000 children are abducted every year and forced to beg. This is an ancient issue that hasn’t improved in years. Most of the abductees have nowhere to turn to. Begging is a crime in India yet it is estimated that there are approximately 500,000 beggars in India.<>

There are several levels of street begging for the children growing up in the poverty-stricken areas of India. The levels include those that are forced to do it, those that really need it and those that do it because they don’t want to work. Beggars have also been known to deliberately disfigure themselves and their children to get more sympathy from people on the street. This is an ongoing problem and tough to resolve because it is deep-rooted in Indian society.<>

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