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The fabulous destiny of Dainaly

Liliana Ranalletta | Italy


Dainaly, now twenty-four, is an autistic girl, born and grown in a circus family. She loves the Circus, it is her home, made up of dreams and colors.

Here the characters of her universe can come to life, here her fantasy can weave her plots, only here Dainaly is not alone, always surrounded by the affection of her loved ones.

The Circus, where everything seems fake, becomes the universe of the possibilities, where Dainaly can decline the subtle nuances of her imaginific universe, so impenetrable, indecipherable and secret, yet still made of disarming fragility and sweetness.

For 3 years I follow Dainaly, with patience and the help of her family, I came in contact with her everyday life, made of little daily gestures, of her special relationship with the animals and the her circus family.

Her mother often tells me "Dainaly is love and receives love". I understand that love is the only possible key to decipher the intricate weave of her way to engage with her loved ones and with the rest of the world.

I started this project 3 years ago. A few days ago Dainaly's grandfather told me: you come here, take pictures and we are not aware of you anymore, you are one of us. On December 20, 2017 Dolls Eye Reflex Laboratory - DER*lab printed the book of this project

Liliana Ranalletta



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