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Pandemic in Focus

Light Behind Four Walls

Lester Ledesma | Singapore

Our balcony is the great outdoors during lockdown. Since our baby wakes up before dawn, I often take a few minutes to enjoy the sunrise in solitude before I head back indoors. Lockdown has compressed every day into a chaotic jumble of work, housework, home tutoring, parenting and everything else - this early morning ritual helps prepare me for these daily challenges.

During this COVID-19 pandemic we are constantly bombarded with stories that focus on its more distressing aspects. We often see images of empty streets, busy hospitals and lonely people in isolation. This exhibit presents  a more hopeful view of life in lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the photographer's own family as the subject, the artist wishes to  states that simply living through these trying times can be also be a positive experience.

Staying in lockdown is hard, but being in lockdown with two kids while working and parenting is even harder.

For over two months my wife and I lived, loved, worked and raised our kids within the four walls of our apartment in Singapore. It's an emotional roller coaster ride replete with joys, frustrations and no small amount of hardship.

Most photos you see here are bright and sunny. Many accounts of life in lockdown tend to be dreary and depressing, but I beg to differ. As parents my wife and I believe it is our responsibility to have a positive outlook during these trying times. We owe it to our kids to keep life fun, interesting, and as normal as it can get. Or maybe it was their presence that kept the light warm and shining within these four walls. Whatever the case may be, this lockdown experience is one that will always help define our family.



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