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Yezidis; The Others Everywhere

Lana Amoeva | Georgia

Yezidi boy holding the yezidi flag.

The Yezidis are an ethnically Kurdish religious community, indigenous to Northern Mesopotamia. Yezidism is linked to ancient Mesopotamian religions. One part of the Yezidi community lived in an area known as Sarhad, today's northern Turkey bordering Armenia in the south Caucasus. Throughout its long history, Yezidism has suffered persecution. During WWI, Yezidis were forced to leave this area and emigrate to Georgia in order to not give up their religion. The Other is a celebration of Yezidism within Georgian society.


Important aspects of Yezidism are;
⦁ Yezidis believe in a single God and his seven angels . At the head of them God put Melek-Taus who is presented as a peacock.
⦁ Yezidis do not believe in the existence of an evil spirit. Melek-Taus, in his own character, represents both parts of humanity, good and evil. They believe individuals have the freedom of choice without the influence of divine powers and it is up to you which side you belong to.
⦁ Yezidis are divided into three groups : Shekhi, Piri and Mridi. Shekhi and Piri are the only ones who are allowed to carry out religious functions.
⦁ Marriage between members of the different groups is strictly forbidden.
⦁ In Yezid families, women and men have equal rights. Women are respected and their opinion is always considered.
⦁ One can only be regarded as a Yezidi if both parents are Yezidis themselves. 

I wanted to show how this community culture despite the fact its alsmost one century they emigrate and are spreaded all over the world still kept their religion and traditions in society they are living in.


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